Menu - The YUM



 $14 Entrees

 # 22 ‘The Original’

Homemade fry bread topped with Orange juice glazed pulled pork, garlic-apple Coleslaw and world famous BBQ sauce

 # 23 ‘The Cowboy’

Mac & Cheese, smothered with OJ glazed pulled pork, world famous BBQ sauce 

and shredded cheddar cheese 

 # 9 ‘The Mundo’

Corn Fry Bread topped with our Tequila - Lime pulled pork, black bean & corn salsa, Yum sauce and hatch pepper bacon relish 

 # 11 ‘Rosemary’

A pile of fries topped with pulled pork and rosemary sauce, scallions and potato straws

 ‘Diablo Fries’ – Mexican Flag Fries

Loaded fries with our tequila pork, shredded cheddar, Yum sauce, Diablo sauce and Fuego Sauce

 Veggie Mac

​Mac & Cheese covered with our black bean & corn salsa and apple garlic coleslaw

 #14 ‘The Loaded Fries’

French Fries topped with our OJ pork, shredded cheddar, Yum sauce, bacon, and hatch pepper bacon relish

 Mac Daddy Loaded Mac & Cheese

The Cowboy covered with the goodness of the Loaded Fries

 Colombian Nachos*

Fried tortilla chip topped with our coffee infused pork, black bean and corn salsa, mango sauce, Colombian red sauce and cojita cheese

 The Three Piggies!

A sampler of the Original, Mundo and Rosemary with all the toppings but NO hard carb (fries, bread or mac) Low Carb Keto friendly and Gluten Free

 Specialties and Favorites!

 YUM Elote’ - $7

 Pigcicle - $8


Fried bread pudding with bacon covered in whisky butter sauce = $6


All items are subject to change and are based upon availability,  Any dish served on fries is also Gluten Free.

Breakfast items are on their way!